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I wanna do something totally different, break my routines, and give you guys something different than I’ve ever given you before.

So what would it be worth to you to have step-by-step guidance, support, and advice from your own Internet marketing mentor and a private mastermind group?

From: Jonathan Green
Re: I'm putting together a team.

If you’re here watching this, you’re working hard at building your business, and you’re probably a fan of mine… you know, hopefully. 😊  

But you’re not quite there yet. All the dots aren’t connecting. You need a little push. And maybe you’re sitting at home thinking “man, I feel like I get all this stuff, and if I just had a little HELP, if somebody could just tell me what to do, I’d be doing GREAT!”

I've made a new service designed just for that -a monthly meeting where you can learn from me personally and get my most up to date training. 
If you're ready to work, I'm ready to help.
- Jonathan Green
In Eight Years Working Online,  I've Never Done Something Like This Before.

Still Looking For A Support System?

In those eight years, I’ve gone from depressed and alone, barely making ends meet…  

To having a beautiful family, a growing business, becoming a multiple time bestselling author. I’ve been to conferences around the world as a guest and a speaker, and I’ve been the mind behind some of the most powerful leaders in the online world.

I’ve got so many connections that even if things go south in my business I know a lot of people have my back.  

It’s a great feeling.   

But obviously, this letter isn’t about me, it’s about you.

When your quality of life depends on the outcome, you need that personal, in the trenches advice from someone that’s actually doing it.

You Need Personal Guidance From A Real Mentor.

Here's How My Business Works Now...

Currently I train clients by email and webinar. I do it once a week in small groups and I take questions. We sit down and I answer all the questions they’ve got.

It’s expensive, not gonna lie. But these clients experience big breakthroughs.

Because I'm paying personal attention to their unique situation. That's more valuable than following a set of instructions. If you can afford to start using my coaching, you don’t leave.  

A real mentor is that valuable.   Having someone to guide you along, and maybe sometimes give you a swift kick in the butt, makes all the difference between success and failure.   

Seminars may load you up with information, but what happens when you go home and you no longer have people work side-by-side with you?    

You sit alone in your office staring at the blank computer screen and the experience STINKS. It drains you of all that energy and optimism.  

So then, you go looking for a coach and mentor, but you quickly realize is there aren’t many with a proven track record behind them. It’s not anybody you’ve heard of or trust.  

And if they are… you’ll find they all have one thing in common.  They’re SUPER expensive and booked months in advance.

So, I’m trying to come up with a way to help people who need just a little extra push, at a price that people can afford, that can also fit into my life, AND not make my higher ticket clients mad at me.  

Here’s my plan.
The Serve No Master “Escape Artists” Workshop: Monthly Group Training Designed To Boost Your Income

On these monthly group webinars, I’ll introduce a new concept like “International Amazon Ads” or “Getting Ghostwriting Clients” or “Bringing Traffic To Your Blog”…  

And I’ll do a case study from my own business.    

When possible, I might do a “hot seat” session – that will be where I review your situation as a comparison and we all sit and talk about it as a group.   

This will NOT be a way to look silly – it’s just us all working together as a team to fix your biggest problems. When you get used to seeing other people’s work, you’ll get better and better at seeing flaws and ideas and opportunities yourself.   

You’ll get additional feedback and advice you could never get from just one person alone.  You’re not limited to the knowledge in one industry.  Instead, you’ll be exposed to breakthroughs as they occur across the Internet.  

No more worrying about “does this work right now?” I know a lot of people are anxious about that. POOF. Anxiety gone.   

After this I share any additional suggestions I’ve prepared.  We’ll also open up the webinar for anyone else being faced with similar problems or questions.  

Even if you can’t attend each event, you can still benefit from watching LIVE marketing challenges being solved.
Here's What You'll Find Inside Every Session.

Unlimited Q&A Time

I’m not going to rush you off the line – we’re gonna work until the work is done, and you’re really inspired to take the month’s topic on.

Lifetime Replays Of All Past Topics

A lot of gurus “rotate” their training in and out, they say it’s to make sure everything’s fresh, but they’re really paranoid about cheapskates getting all the goods in a month and leaving.   

Personally, I don’t care. You can see the full monty as soon as you join.  

Lifetime Membership After Six Months

It’s $27 a month, paid over 6 months, so the total price is … just absurdly low. And you’ll be a member forever.  

For me, this isn’t here as an “income stream” so much as an inexpensive way for people to get out of spending all night in front of the computer, grinding by themselves, and get to really feeling like they’re part of a family.

Group Vote On Next Month's Training

Democracy! Whatever most people are struggling with, that’s what we’ll put a laser beam on. So hopefully, everybody’s at least somewhat happy.  

This is a group call, but when I answer your questions, it’s really personal. I’m dialed in and trying to help Y-O-U.
Exactly What We Learn Is Up To You And The Class... BUT -
I don't want to cover the stuff that everybody does coaching about. I think one of my big advantages is that I'm actually doing what I teach, so I can be more specific about the problems you're facing and the solutions you'll need. Here's some of what I'd like to cover. These will all be
Most people who ask for my help want to build a really big info infrastructure. Stuff like blog traffic, product creation, writing books quickly are ALL topics we can cover in depth.
Most of my work is built around scaling my business with TRAFFIC. So the advanced features of Amazon are really important to me. Advanced ads, Amazon UK ads, Amazon software, and the like.
I'm also building really big social connections and high dollar value deals. If you want better clients with higher dollar figures, we'll go in depth on that.
Maybe You've Listened To Podcasts, Read Emails, Watched Me On Video...

I'm not saying ANY of this to brag.

But you don’t have a clue what is waiting for you on the other side of that “Add to Cart” button.  Even with everything I shared here, you still won’t realize the difference having a mentor will make to you.

These monthly webinars are going to be like downloading my brain into your head. It’s pretty awesome. You’ll get to see what’s working for me in real time. You get it all for just $27 per month for six months…

So the obvious question.

Why Are You Paying Less Than A Dollar Per Day?
This is inexpensive coaching, and questions are going to be on a featured topic each month. This is a great way for me to debut new training ideas and get paid a little for something I'd be doing ANYWAY.

And since there's a Q+A, it's live feedback, and I can explain anything I left out.

On your end, you're basically getting a new information course every month, plus some personal advice.
I charge a LOT more for weekly access. But you’re still working with me and growing your business over the next six months, and seriously, it’s a hivemind effect. You’re going to start thinking and working like me.

And I hope that you'll love this enough to upgrade to a higher ticket coaching program someday.
As Always, The Proof Is Incredible:
The Best Time To Start Is Right Now.

You need willingness to take action, listen to a mentor, and participate in a community. If you need that, then welcome!

You’ll confidently know you can go up against anyone – in any market – because you have me – and really, all of us - in your corner.

Okay, enough talk. Ready to start? Hit the Add To Cart button and let’s go to the workshop.
What Are You Waiting For?

This is pretty amazing.

Ok, I’m not going to bribe you, sell you, twist your arm, low price you, scare you, or anything like that. Either you need my help or you don’t. If you need my personal help and don’t have like a thousand bucks to spend, this is how. Let's get to work.