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SNM176: Write a High Converting Cash Sucking Sales Letter

Do you have a product in mind you’ve been dying to launch, but you are not really sure how? Well, to do that you need to write a conversion copy wherein you don’t just sell something, but you make people take action, using your words only.

If you want to write a high-conversion copy, you have to do it by being persuasive. Often, that requires bending your words and coming up with selling points people simply cannot refuse. `

How do You Write High Conversion Copy?

Good conversion copies or sales letters are structure-based, so if you are a beginner it’s best to use a template. All sales letters start with a good headline. Good headlines are more like a subject for an email, they don’t sell the book. They should be catchy so that the reader continues reading. Also, you need to have many options for a headline just so you compare and see what works best as an option. The more the merrier, basically.

The next part is focusing on either the pain or the dream, depending on what the topic is. Tell people what they will get after they buy your product, but it is not the product you sell – it’s the solution. If you are selling a back brace, your standing point is a life without pain, not how amazing and special the back brace you are selling is. You focus on how people will achieve their goals, the life they will be able to enjoy, you are focusing on the outcome.

Do Copywriters Make Good Money?

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By now you must be wondering whether copywriters make money and the truth is, they do. Copywriters are on-demand and If you have a way with words, if you can write compelling content – you can totally make over 6 figures a year.

What Skills do You Need to be a Copywriter?

You need to be prolific; you need to have a wide vocabulary for starters, but you also need to do a lot of research. Hence, an eye for details is a must. Listening skills and the ability to see unique perspectives. Ah, I cannot stress how important this is. The ability to re-angle an offer and get in the shoes of the buyers, so you sound convincing, is crucial.

Conversion Copywriting Creative Strategies

Positioning for the quickest wins, breaking down the solution is one way to do it. If you say a solution has 27 steps, no one will want to do it. Find the shortcut, focus on the gain, but remember to stay realistic and truthful instead of selling lies.

The so what technique is great for bullet points development. You develop your bullet points in such a way that people see the transformation that will happen to them.

So what if I lose weight? You will solve your health issues once and for all. So what? You can fit into the clothes you want. So what? You can get the confidence to start dating. So what? You can achieve your dreams and be finally happy.

That’s one way of doing it. Another would be naming your bullet points. Last but not least, the price drop. You need to mention scarcity and urgency, how high the price was, and how now it’s lowered for a limited time.

Ultimately, price justification is when you put the price first and you assign it to all the bonuses you provide to increase your product’s value.

Show Notes:
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Key Points:

  • Follow templates to write good headlines
  • To write good sales letter you have to focus on the pain or on the dream
  • Sell the solution, not the product

Resources Mentioned:

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