SNM074: The Best Cities to Work from Home

I saw a recent list of the ten best cities to work from home on a “news” website.  The city is a pretty respected brand but I was unsurprised to see that the list was total garbage.  More and more news websites are turning into low-quality blogs as they fight to churn out as much content as possible.  If you want to live in the most expensive city in America, you will love their list, otherwise you need mine….

Make More Money

Income is the smallest and often the least important component of how much money you actually have to live on.  Taxes, rent, transportation and food costs will dramatically affect how much liquid money you actually possess.

If you make a million dollars a year and then ninety percent of it goes to taxes and inflated living expenses, you are actually doing worse than someone earning 10% and living intelligently.

In a recent episode, I pointed out that the living Playa del Carmen costs TEN PERCENT of Tampa.

Give Yourself a Raise

[easy-tweet tweet=”The second you leave the United States you cut your tax burden by at LEAST thirty percent.” user=”ServeNoJonathan” hashtags=”servenomaster”]

Getting a thirty percent raise is basically impossible.

It takes a LOT of work to bump your income thirty percent.

But simply moving a few hours south can accomplish the same thing!

Give Your Kids a Chance

Nobody claims public schools are good except politicians and members of the teachers union.

To educate a child privately in America can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Sending your kids to an excellent school abroad is well under a thousand bucks.

There is nothing more important than giving your kids the best chance possible.

Fear and Ignorance

The main reason people stay where they are is because of these two powerful factors.

Whenever I tell people where I live, they ask about all the crime.

When I lived in Nashville, I stood less than one hundred feet from a murder on the street.

And yet, nobody ever thinks of Nashville as dangerous.

The news only covers other countries when it is shocking.

The news is completely dishonest about domestic stories, why would reporters magically develop a sense of integrity about international news?

Change the course of your destiny.

Take a listen to my little list and imagine living like royalty for ten cents on the dollar.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Why do you live where you are now?
  2. Why wait to move?
  3. What is holding you back?

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The seven best cities in the world work from home at today's episode today's episode is brought to you by fresh books accounting and bookkeeping mistakes to 3000 small businesses every single day bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard turn to the number one invoicing software for small businesses start for free today@servicemaster.com\freshman are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online wiring to start living your retirement dreams now come to the right place welcome to serve no master but how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post I woke up early this morning by wake up at four in the morning love talking so loud for recording this episode I was looking for some inspiration some ideas I had a couple of ideas swirling I always try to mix up the topic I was afraid that I would talk about inspiration two days in a row or motivation to is a rower blogging today is what I want to do that and I saw this really interesting article was doing research on depictions which is very similar to Boston what the platform right it shows the ideas I saw this article called the 10 best cities work from home and I wrote down some of the cities and the list was Chicago Austin Washington DC San Francisco Denver Dallas and Tampa I know that's not the complete list but I did want to scroll down more and redress the article was enough for me because I still live in Tampa I'm very aware of cost-of-living stuff and I look at these and I thought Chicago right now as a major murder problem the numbers are through the roof Washington DC same thing crazy expensive symptoms go crazy expensive they listed a bunch of cities that I would never live in because they have big crime problems right now or that mass massive cost-of-living problems I this list as well most expensive cities to live in America right now when you look at the squalor the people living in their houses that look like dumpster son for millions of dollars so subs listed I realize that so many reporters are completely out of touch with reality I can guarantee you that the person who wrote that article and I will send the platform or say the name of the reporter but I can guarantee that they are an idiot I don't know any better way to say the city's direct medical very expensive this is a recommended would be very tough one of things I think they look at something that is totally different cities where there's a lot of companies really work from home that's what they're really looking I think ability to flex flowers and stuff like that when I think of work I think of your charge of your destiny you can work for company but it's completely remote you never have to come into the office that's work from home for me so when I look at this list as of this list is Tara like I do something better and here's a list of seven places that I think are way better and I'll explain why each of them are better and detail the main things I look at our cost-of-living Internet speed and how hard it is to go there if you're American now if you're from a different country and I have English Canadian strain followers I have enough time in when the short absence to list on the visa card was from a different country but these are some rough ones one thing you can do is you can just look on Wikipedia the list of user requirements for all the different countries I kind of see what's allowed but I happen to know their list is very has a lot of mistakes so it's not totally trustworthy it's better than go in and check what each country really requires some people think of Wikipedia's encyclopedia but it's not ran a people get right whatever they want and then it sticks there forever and one thing I know having just look at the visa listing all of these are true you look up at the answer so that tells you when you think about using it as a source please don't it's not it's not a trusted source it's an opinion site that just happens to have. At the end of it so the first city when I mentioned the past Espada Carmen Iraq I listen to that episode the grading of Plato, it's in Mexico it's near Cancún which means it's your major airport but it's not Cancún which means it's not filled with spring breakers Cancún base he looks like Disneyland for people to drink too much it very much feels like you're an artificial pretend Mexican city were split a carpet feels much more real there's a lot more tours in there from Europe you're on a beautiful lake maybe it's the ocean but I thought it was like I went out on the boat one day it was wonderful there were any waves so that's why assume it was a lake the advantages there is at the x-ray fast it's very close to America it's easy to jot back home I talk about Plato, extensively on that episode so I don't spend too long on it today but it's a great option now Plato Carmen cost about 90% less the living Tampa so right out the gate you can make a lot less money live just as good you cut your salary in half and have a better life just by moving south of the border also little Carmen is not one of those cities were you always hear about gang warfare all the violence in Mexico that's mostly on the border and this was in some of the other provinces so your distant from many of those problems it's a low crime area to low crime city much safer than every single city in America my previous lessons far safer than Sam at Cisco number two was a great place city called Siebel in the Philippines the malls and see were just as advanced as the malls in America it's one of the seas in the Philippines it's very technologic advance units crazy fast in the cost of living is very very cheap you get a nice apartment very nice apartment for thousand dollars a month like a four bedroom house that's a very nice I mean three or four vegan house hurrah thousand dollars a month on talking luxury two-bedroom apartment is top of the condo for $1000 a month so you can live in a really nice situation compared to what you get for thousand dollars month in Tampa it's night and day same type apartment in Tampa would be like $5000 month in Washington DC be $20-$30,000 a month to give you kind of a feel the great thing about cities like this is you can just look online and see what real estate costs are what's available the great thing about the Philippines and this is why the places I noticed Wikipedia was totally wrong is that when you first come you get a 30 day visa but you can extend that visa every month or every two months for up to three years to come here as a tourist to come to the Philippines is a torch and come to Asia a lot of amazing Asian countries income the Philippines and staying for three years tourist that's amazing Wikipedia will falsely tell you that you can only stay for 30 days and you can extend once but that's because Wikipedia as usual strong another replaces the Bahamas Bahamas you can shop and stay for eight months good Internet island low cost of living paradise now an interesting one I wasn't sure if I'll put this but you go to Canada for hundred and 80 days you can show can't you shop with a drivers license anywhere I think you have a second ID card you can just drive across the border stay there for six months and when he managed of Canada's a couple really great reasons to get the cost of living is not that great I thing right now Ken is a little bit more expensive than memory for the most the other choices but what grandma can as you can drive there very close there were two euros healthcare so if you get sick you can strive up to the hospital three very low crime rate because he is visiting is torture kind of working for yourself your left-field Canadian tax situation set up to pay for levers healthcare you certainly can't go to Canada get a job working at a grocery store a lot of do not be allowed to go up there work for yourself and it's okay because you're making money in America but your spending money Canada your pumping money into the economy anyways senior judge of the border for six months at a time real easy really cool you can shop on Fiji another paradise surfing islands come hang out with me Sir for four months without having to do any paperwork stuff you just got pretty good Internet it's getting better better infrastructure if you like Fiji perhaps you like Micronesia you can jump in Micronesia stay forever you show up at the airport go I hear from the that's fine the problem Micronesia is the Internet is only 1 MB second fluid flow lungs are doing video if you're just writing books and doing blogs and stuff it's kind of okay but as far as like doing video work you'll be a little bit annoyed because it's so slow but otherwise it's a great option and my seven choices Peru where you can show up at the airport stay for hundred 83 days we often hear about Peru as a place of civil war goes here about the stories in the news about the Shining Path this terrorist organization in Peru but they do a bombing like every 10 years and killed three people it's not it's often that the news overestimates the danger in all these things effectual good statistics you're far more likely to be mugged and murder walk in the streets of Chicago than you are be heard in Peru and of course you will live in the worst neighborhoods living in Peru again I think cruise about 1/7 the cost of living in America you can go to Machu Picchu which is paradise you can see what the seven wonders of the world cruise will place I haven't been to yet but certainly on my list was one do much peach of now map that my kids go with me these are seven seas you can look at where you can work from home and you can actually make a lot less money than you do right now I know I kind of flew through the list hate with people happening… Wait an hour to hear the whole list we are looking for places to live abroad there are a couple things you need to look at the first is to really understand the visa requirements as Americans we think we should be letting go anywhere you want to the world and just stay there unfortunately different cultures different rules it's very very hard if you show up at the airport in England say hey I work for myself having a business online I want to stay here as long as I want Phil never let you stay but if you say hey I'm a refugee I have no plans of ever working I just want to live off the state for the rest of my life though what you write and it's very hard and same thing back and forth as part of English people to move to America for some reason it's very hard to move from first for the first world it's hard to move from industrialized to industrialized you don't like that throws if they say oh we only stayed in because you might you might want to use insurance or something that you might want to take free money for the state right you want might want jobseekers allowance but even using outside appearances I'll never take a penny for grandma they will only stay to move in England very expensive very difficult right outside a great time to move there anyways that's why I don't recommend much of Europe Europe has a lot of problems in the EU all the stuff going on there it's very expensive does a lot of problems with massive rest refugee resettlement programs which means there's no room for anyone else and crimes to the roof and all these countries and I think the EU may eventually collapse of the English try to leave another try stopping her from leaving once you part of all that junk no thanks it's too expensive too much trouble when you first looking my first jump to look at Peter look at one of those lists and you want to see how long you can stay but also what the rules are for extending there plenty of countries where you can stay if you marry someone you can stay forever you can stay forever if you buy a certain mode of land if you start a business if you really want to move to Europe you go to Belgium if you start a business employee I think three or five people you can stay forever she could open up a small shop in what a couple people minimum wage in your golden every country has different requirements for how they want you to do things and what the system is it's about doing a little bit of research question gesture sucked on Olivia city daughter live on the beach to live them out to the countryside that's question what question number two is do you need people there speak a lot of English are you willing to learn a second language do Yorty speak Spanish opens up a lot of the world to you are you want to learn Chinese for going to China these are a couple of steps we go through as were figuring out where we want to go the world misplaces the world you can get away with not speak in the local language I certainly don't cyclically which will I live that's intentional sometimes people think that it's because I'm this no self-important Americans but that's not the reason the reason is that it forces my children to learn English if I spoke to local dialect and my children would have to learn English I know some of them silent some who lived near me whose children don't speak any English at all they only speak the local dialect they don't even speak the main dialect of the country his children will never be able to find employment in the West if his children and he wants to move his children ask you back to his home country as it were your children screwed because your children are old enough that are locked into their language which means will always have access we have a heavy accent you always can face a little discrimination as much as we want to say it's not true here in a heavy accent we often assume someone stopped and this is in every line which is non-English think I happen to know that when you speak Japanese with an English accent they assume your love adopts totally normal every country does this and it's just in our genetics secretly disadvantaged children doing that I will my children growing up to speak for five languages because I don't have that advantage sure I speak a little bit of Japanese but it's not very good it's enough to get by it certainly not enough to buy computer over the phone and I want my children to be a level beyond that because it opens up more opportunities you decide all this is a country known speaks English as Carter ever speaks in this for example in Thailand almost nobody speaks very good English there's a little bit of English but especially lots of problems as you want experience for much of it a lot of it comes down to the television network of every country some most countries affect every country shows a lot of American TV shows to either dub them for the show subtitles and the countries that people speak terrible English the countries that subtitle people speak pretty good English and this is perfectly simple fight if you go around Europe different European countries make a different decision and the people there speak in this or don't speak English totally because of the single decision other things you want to look at our Internet speed and crime and cost-of-living and infrastructure photo leave the country cannot what's the rule of law like what's the banking system like you look at a couple of things people used to store a lot of money and South American South American banks because the dictators will let them store all their legal gotten gains there and then the dictator stole the money from them and so we want to be aware of the rule of law in different countries if you put all of your money into a bank in a country that's destabilized a call disappear so look at these different factors it doesn't take a lot of work to look at these things but every single one of the places I mentioned I know not all of them were sitting some the right and similar countries are a massively cheaper and massively better choices than these 10 cities that this moron wrote about these 10 cities that are very expensive have high crime rates and will be more expensive than where you live right now the cost you more money why would you want to work from home and then live some expensive that's completely silly the best thing about working home is you have the ability to live somewhere very cheap the only thing you really need is phone maybe a laptop to be more helpful but her phone and interconnections enough and is a misconception as well that America is a facet of the world please don't think that it's completely untrue if you are lucky enough to go to Thailand to Mexico town in a couple weeks for conference and you go to town to get off the plane you Cedar so Nelly's cell phone Sim cards your white or one of those you putter with us and credibility five or $10 the Internet on your finally faster than your home and at most places in America the cell phone Internet infrastructure in Highlands pain and there's a lot of countries like that so Korea has amazing has mainly using Internet have amazing infrastructure part becomes because they have a bit of a socialist past so infrastructure is part of with the government takes care of so they're very set in their ways you want to ride a subway with Internet go to South Korea to have that scepter very much into infrastructure as part of their paradigm it comes from their past different countries have different ups and downs and pluses and minuses there plenty places you can live where if you're making $500 or thousand dollars a month you can live awesome you can look very very nicely including where I live there plenty people live where I live that make foreigners who live on $500,000 month and they live like kings compare how they live back home for what I spend on my family where I live right now I would have to live in a horrible neighborhood in America my family have to live across from a junkyard or something if I want to spend the same on a Monday America spent here I live in paradise and watching another beautiful sunrise before you decide to moved to another city America before you make the decision that you never want to travel please do yourself the kindness of the little bit of research you can actually get away with making a few hundred dollars a month on my quit your job and still live okay in another country and have time to grow and build your business that's what's really amazing see when we think about quitting our jobs we think that working for home we are all will this what I make right I have to make the same out of money and when I the interview with Bob a few months ago now in one of the early episodes we talk he talked well you have to have two years of saving sand up and all these things that assumes here to stay where you are right now but if you can go so much cheaper and you can actually get away with having to set up much less infrastructure these are some the things to really think about as you are deciding where to live I want to make this an extra long episode I just wanted give you a few seeds and a few ideas of what you can think about when you're deciding how to move forward with your online business part of my success has been making them very very smart decision about where to live this provides me a lot more breathing room 90% of my business could collapse and I could still live on this island and live well that's what's great you control your financial situation two elements what you make and what you spent it's far easier to control what you spent making more money it's hard I don't teach you into doing a lot of resources to do it there's a lot of steps to it but it's still hard but when you add in cutting on your cost of living that's very easy so many costs that I stepped in it with monthly car payment gas car insurance I'll used to be around five dollars month for me: you can rent a really nice house on the beach here for that for just what your payment car insurance so think about what you want from your life think about how important is it to stay in America for you or England or wherever you live and would you like to quit your job right now and live on a paradise island the cost of living on most paradise islands is far less the cost of living in bad neighborhoods where you are right now you're in a situation right now we are kids or the school you're not happy with in your neighborhood you don't feel that great about you should deftly take about going somewhere else with the cost of living goes down and some you can afford educate your kids yourself delete safe don't get murdered anywhere near me. You murder my island there have that problem the process silent beside someone who decided to get new gunfight with the police so unless you make a decision that dumb you can be totally fine there's no other crime here there's no person on person crime this no murders here there's no robberies at gunpoint here there's no drive-bys here all the time you know we think America is the safest country would actually with really high crime rates and a lot of categories there places around the world that are more dangerous but there's a lot of us from the world that are safer so as we make assumptions instead wanted to research and really investigate things when things I've discovered recently in doing more and more research in the pay attention to elections and all those things on the world is that a lot of times police departments and even the FBI will hide real crime statistics as part of a an agenda they were high different number they put out different numbers so I recent discover that actually the crime and America's way lower than I thought it was because they'd made a mistake the CDC had made a mistake and put out a bunch of wrong numbers so there's a lot of misinformation out there and it requires a little bit of diligence a little bit of research beyond reading an article on a news aggregator beyond just listening to me please don't move somewhere based on this podcast what I want to do instead is inspired of God do actual research take actual control of your destiny because this will unlock some amazing things you can live in paradise you can live in a safer city you can live somewhere where you can afford educators children privately private school in other countries is cheaper the public school in America for the cost of packing your Kindle lunch every day same price you can move your consumer safe and put them in a private elite fancy prep school for the I wear uniform every day if I can break through some of your assumptions about cost-of-living where you can make things happen that really affords the opportunity change your destiny so you're thinking about places to think about the blessed places to move the best places to work from home please think beyond the borders of your home country thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reference head over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five story of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode serve no master podcast follow me@facebook.com\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Miroslav Babic - July 7, 2017

Hello Jonathan, good work with ServeNoMaster book mate! One aspect you did not touch in your book at all – legal aspect. What I mean is, running such businesses/freelancing, ranking, blogging etc? Does one need to be registered as entrepreneur and have VAT ID and all those things you legally need when you run a ‘classic’ business? Thanks!!!


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