after you publish a blog post

6 Crucial Follow-Ups After You Publish a Blog Post

Today I want to talk to you about what happens after you publish a blog post.

You’ve poured your heart out, and you created something epic. A blog post that’s not only interesting or creative but a blog post that has tremendous value, a blog post your audience can benefit greatly from. You invested time, blood, money, and effort, and you finally click that publish blog button and you’re thinking: Now what? 

Let’s go through the follow-up. What happens after you publish a blog post? Let’s go through the steps together and hopefully, all of this will make much more sense to you. Come on, I’ll be your guide. 

What To Do After You Publish a Blog Post?

1.Post on Social Media
2.Create Facebook Ads
3.Repurpose Your Blog Post
4.Respond to Comments
5. Go Backlinks Hunting
6.Dig Deep Into Your Analytics
Pro Tips:
How Do You Publish a Blog Post?
What Happens When You Publish a Blog Post?
When Should You Publish a Blog Post?
Downloadable Checklist With After Publishing Steps

after you publish a blog post

1.Post On Social Media

After you’ve proofread your blog post several times and inserted links of old posts inside, you should publish your blog post on social media. Post it on Facebook first. Duh, right? But there is more to it. 

Your blog post needs to have a description above the post explaining what the article is about and how people can benefit from it. You also need to have a picture related to the content to make your blog post look more professional. No one wants to open a blog post that’s plain text. People are visual, so support your text using great pictures. 

Post your new blog post to Facebook Promo Threads. I can’t stress how important this is, folks. People operating within the same niche create their own communities aka Facebook groups to post content. You can promote your work of art there. Sometimes you have to pay to get your content posted, but sometimes they have free promo days, so knock yourself out. It’s your access to a wider market, your access to the right audience. 

Post a snazzy tweet about your new blog post and include the link to it. You can also use a few hashtags but not too many because that’s distracting. You don’t want to overdo it. Be subtle with the hashtags – it’s how you can use the power of Twitter the most. For greater impact, tweet several times about your new blog post, make sure it reaches people.

Reddit is growing in popularity, and the thing about it is that it has a committed audience that engages and reads the published content. You can get brutally honest feedback and that’s a good thing – you know which direction to go to. 

LinkedIn is also great to promote your blog post, especially if you are an expert at a certain niche. You can get an audience from people in the same area as you and grow your audience with LinkedIn because the app allows you to find the right audience for you. 

After you publish a blog post, you should also create a story on Instagram where people can swipe up to visit your page and also create a post providing the direct links to your newest content. Another thing to do would be to put the link in your bio as well. Instagram is skyrocketing with users, so make the best use out of it as you possibly can.  

Finally, after publishing a blog, pin it on Pinterest with an awesome image. Also, put relevant keywords to all the images you use in your blog post, but pin them DIRECTLY from your post to Pinterest. Thank me later. 

2.Create Facebook Ads

The day after you publish your blog post, you have to create a Facebook ad for it. Literally. Instagram ads are under Facebook ads, so navigate to Ads Manager to take care of that. You should be writing like 20% of the time, it’s the promotion of publishing a blog that should keep you busy for the rest of 80%. Remember, the battle starts the day after you publish a blog post, so wait no more. 

By using Facebook ads, you guide people interested in your niche or in specific topics towards your blog. This is great for your traffic and all for the price of a candy bar. Facebook ads are no longer only for advertising huge projects and famous brands – the market is expanding, so are your possibilities. 

After you publish a blog post, never miss out on a chance to target a specific group of people, and promote your blog – every day, there is a new audience waiting for you! 

3.Repurpose Your Blog Post

after you publish a blog post

Speaking of massive possibilities. Welcome! Repurposing is such a GAME CHANGER. You guys, this is the ultimate gold digger. After you publish a blog post, repurpose it. You have plenty of freedom here.

Now, how to post a blog, the same blog in many different ways, you may ask? Easy. 

Record yourself reading your blog post and turn it into a podcast. There are so many people that prefer listening to reading or people that have a problem with their eyes. Trust me, I’ve dealt with my eyes problem for so many years and I know that struggle. I mean, that’s why I even moved towards podcasting; I had to dictate my books, a lot of the stuff that I wrote because of that. 

after you publish a blog post

Podcasts are going crazy these days, their popularity is rising, so creating an audio version of your blog post is an excellent idea to boost traffic and increase your audience. You can also turn your blog post into a webinar, making slides and coming up with a dandy, eye-catching presentation and take things up a notch. Really professional! 

If you are not into webinars,  that’s okay. After you publish a blog post, make a Facebook Live with the content from your blog. Give an introduction, some hints about what your blog post is about, and what people can expect to learn from it. Mention your website people have to go in order to read your blog, or you can post the links below. It’s really cool that you can create quotes that you can post later on after you publish a blog post.  

If you are dealing with a specific niche, if you like expanding, create an ebook by putting all your blog posts together. 

Content repurposing is excellent because it helps your content scatter, be on the internet longer, not get buried after a week. You have all these different forms, and they circle the ether, bringing in the bucks long after publishing a blog. Cool, huh?

4.Respond To Comments

Let’s be honest here. It’s hard to gain an audience, especially in the beginning. As an aspiring blogger, it may even be frustrating – your content has great value, but you cannot find an audience for it. 

That’s why it's really important to keep the audience you already have. After you publish a blog post, go through the comments people have left below. Respond to the comments and engage with your readers. ENGAGE. Show that you care about them having the best possible experience on your site and that providing value for them is your number one priority. 

It’s how you gather a faithful audience, people that are loyal to you. Care goes a long way; it will separate you from the pool of blogs and entrepreneurs dealing with the same niche as you. 

5.Go Backlinks Hunting

after you publish a blog post

After you publish a blog post, make a list of blogs you want to reach out and establish contact. You can go: Hey, I read your blog post, and I found it really useful and interesting. I wrote something on the topic as well. Would you be interested in reading it and maybe linking it to your blog post? It would mean the world to me. 

Not everyone will accept, obviously, but for starters, getting one backlink means you did a good job. As your blog grows, it’ll be easier to get backlinks and you can return the favor as well. Collaboration is a powerful thing. Use it to your advantage, just be sure to contact people from relevant niches. 

6.Dig Deep Into Your Analytics

after you publish a post

You’ve just finished writing your great new blog post. What to do after you publish a blog post? If this question is bouncing up and down your head, leaving nothing but blurry lines, it’s time you took the control in your hands. 

I mean, you can continue writing in the same direction, but how do you know if people are into that? Do they like the topics and your style of writing? You have to know for sure what’s going on, what your audience wants. So after you publish a blog post, set up a Google Analytics account and track your audience’s behavior on your website. 

Did you get as much traffic to your post as you were expecting?

How much of your traffic is from social media, how much from referrals and backlinks?

How long did visitors stick around to read your post? Did they convert to subscribers?

How To Publish A Blog Post

Beginnings are tough, but sweet too. It’s history in the making for you. Choose your niche, your area. Pick a blog name. Choose something catchy and interesting, descriptive. Something that people can easily remember, you know, something that will get stuck in your brain. Your blog name should not be a coincidence. 

Register your blog and get hosting. I use WordPress for my blog now, but you can also use Bluehost. It’s a great platform for beginners, and I know because I’ve used it when I was starting out. It's a reliable hosting platform that can get you started for a couple of bucks a month. The next thing you want to do is customize your blog. Choose a free template you like and tweak it if you can to fit your needs. Write and publish your first post.

How to publish a blog post is quite easy and intuitive. There is no philosophy to it – copy your text and title into whatever hosting service you are using, insert your photos with keywords on them to pin them, put some relevant tags, do the SEO part, fill in the share customization section, and hit publish.

If all this is still a bit fuzzy to you, I've written a detailed guide on how to launch a blog that you can follow step by step until you have all figured it out.

Speaking of blogging musts, you need to install a grammar checker like Grammarly or ProWritingAid to prevent typos and to put your punctuation in order. You always need a fresh set of eyes when you are writing and grammar checkers are just that. Every content I produce, I run it through Grammarly or ProWritingAid.

What Happens When You Publish a Blog Post?

After you publish a blog post, it goes live on your blog immediately. Publishing a blog means several things will happen by default:

Your blog post will show up at the top of your blog’s home page. Then, the blogging software adds your fresh content to your blog’s archive and marks it by both date and subject, and to your RSS feed, which gets updated in newsreaders. 

The RSS means Really Simple Syndication. It refers to files that automatically update information in a format that is easy to read. Search engines and services receive a notice from your blog software that you’ve updated your blog and put that information into their catalogs.

Other websites can then get your blog post as a search result, which is really sweet. Lastly, the search-engine crawler records the post the next time it visits your blog. Inevitably, the day after you publish a blog post, it lives on in other glaring ways. For example, other bloggers can quote your blog post and/or link to it. You can get your blog post archived or added to the database permanently. This is good for you because it means your blog still lives.

Pro tip: submit your post immediately to Google Search Console for faster indexing.


When Should You Publish a Blog Post?

after you publish a blog post

There is a catch behind the time when you should publish a blog post. You should publish it when people are awake, from 9 AM to 5 PM – when people are still at work, active, and up and running. 

You don’t want to bury your brand new blog post under a pile of articles getting published daily and have your time and effort be vain. The right timing will lend you bigger attention and more shares. Not that’s how you publish a blog post correctly. 

With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can ace at blogging, The day after you publish a blog post doesn’t have to be so terrifying when you know you’ve done everything right. 

Downlodable Checklist With After Publishing Steps

after you publish a blog post

After you finish your blog post, go through the 6 steps from the checklist I created for you. Tick them off as you go through the process. After a few blog posts, you'll be able to go through the steps without even looking at the checklist. And with your eyes closed because hey, it's all just a matter of habits.

The Honey Vessel to Stardom 

after you publish a blog post

It may take time for your blog to kick it, but that's okay. It takes practice. My motto is to try, to not give up, and to analyze the results I get. I am tireless when it comes to testing what works best. 

You want a niche that has a big audience and you want to give your readers value. Be selfless when it comes to giving your readers the best you possibly can. Really immerse yourself in the art of giving and follow the tips and tactics I prepared for you to ace your blog and snowball your blog’s traffic. 

I would also like to take you one step further and give you my 100 Fans Free Gift that will land the first 100 fans in your lap in 8 simple steps. 

Starting a blog is scary. Promoting your blog posts and establishing yourself as a blogging authority is even scarier, but you have to give every blog post your best chance. So grab my gift and pilot your first LOYAL 100 fans to your blog TODAY.  

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